UFO Sighting in Waller, Texas on 2017-03-03 20:07:00 – Witnessed lights i sky at night in waller texas on march 3rd 2017

I walked out to my car on march 3rd 2017 at around 8p to get my phone charger whe i noticed lights out of the corner of my eye cross the street facing south which is a field filled with cows. it was a clear night and the lights where just there i counted 5 of them thought the neighbors were lighting those sky lanterns that dissolve in the air. i watched for a minute more they didn’t move social i went to get my phone to take pictures came back out they still hoovering about 3 minutes had passed i started shaking and getting nervous and video taped the lights and them took pictures and noticed they were getting a little farther away from me and told myself i have to call someone i know, so i called my friend kimmie and asked her to go outside and see if she can see any lights in the sky, by this time i was shaking because the lights weren’t moving just hoovering. i decided to take a second video and watched as one light faded off and disappeared in a blink. my friend i called was in montgomery by lake conroe she didn’t see any lights that night. i asked the owner of the house can airplanes bye seen from here be seen going to the airport she said no. i knew they weren’t airplanes or weather balloons.

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