UFO Sighting in Greenbrier, Arkansas on 2017-03-19 15:21:00 – Star light object close to large airliner

I was in a boat fishing with my grand daughter and wife. i heard a jet over head and i looked up, as i often do to observe. the jet was nearly straight over head at very hi altitude traveling from the east to the west. it looked like a three engine md11 or perhaps even a kc 10 air force tanker jet. i co hat my attention back to fishing for a couple of seconds then looked back up to refocus on the jet. it had moved on to the west and i could not see it without turning around on my seat. i could follow the three contrails and was about to reposition when the shiny object close to the contrails caught my attention. i thought it first to be a star or other heavenly object as it was stationary. all of a sudden it started moving at a very hi rate of speed to the east. i shouted to my wife and grand daughter to look at the object i was pointing at but they never saw it as it was moving extremely fast. it left no contrail nor sound and i kept my eye on it until i could no longer see it.

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