UFO Sighting in Morehead City, North Carolina on 2017-02-19 23:15:00 – Extreme altitude craft seen over east coast nc

I live about 200ft from the water (the sound near the atlantic), very few area lights, so its very dark. weather was clear an in the 50’s this night, and my dad and myself were sitting on the back porch chatting. he commented on the stars and how nice it was that it was so clear here. i looked up and saw a craft coming around 12-15,000mph east->west off the horizon and it was well into the upper atmosphere. id guess, 10-12miles up. well above aircraft cruise level. had no blinking lights, no fluctuation in color, size, brightness, and no moon out. it was very large itself however.

both my dad and myself have decades of experience with aircraft and living near military bases. it stood out like a sore thumb since no experimental craft are used here. mcas and lejune both confirmed no aircraft in the area when we called. did a satnav check, and no known satellites were overhead at that time. dead silent night.

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