UFO Sighting in Michigan on 2016-07-08 21:10:00 – Witness saw a transparent, vibrating, oval form in front of her on her deck, took a picture with her i phone, and found a reflection of a small gray behind her in a mirrored votive candle holder that was in front of her.

This report is being made by the fi assigned to follow up on the witness’s phone call to mufon, as the witness does not have a working computer.
the witness related many instances of anomalous events she has experienced in her 55 years, but this report is only of an event she experienced on july 8, 2016 on the deck of her home, at twilight. she had the feeling she wasn’t alone, then noticed a transparent, oval vibrating form in front of a chair across from her. she took a picture of it with her i phone, and found an image behind her reflected in a mirrored votive infinity candle holder in a wrought iron holder across from her. the image looked like a small gray with three fingers. she was very astounded (thinking omg and “wt?”). she immediately sent the picture to her brother who agreed with her interpretation.

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