UFO Sighting in ————————-, California on 2016-07-31 02:30:00 – Contact with person after seeing lights in an extremely rural area.

i was driving attempting to locate a specific area in imperial county, it was very early approx. 0230 hrs. in an extremely rural area. i pulled to the side of a two lane paved road to check my g.P.S. mapping, i observed two white lights traveling in a slow and seemingly aimless manor to my west between 10 and 30 degrees above the ground, the distance was hard to judge due to the darkness and terrain however my best estimate would be less than a mile.
i exited my vehicle and leaned against the front fender, had a cigarette,and watched curiously as the lights drifted and floated silently in the sky. i got back into my car and drove up the road approx. 100 yards in order to see if i might get a better perspective. upon exiting my vehicle the lights appeared a little closer however i still heard no sound coming from the direction of the lights. approx. 30 seconds later the lights simply disappeared, no bright flashes, no speeding off into the distance, they just vanished from my view. puzzled but not concerned i stamped out my cigarette and got back into my car, before i had a chance to start the engine a man seemingly appeared out of nowhere behind drivers left rear of my car. i was quite startled by his sudden appearance but for some reason i was’t frightened. he was dressed in dark clothing and i remember his shoes were noisy, like hard soles on gravel. being startled as i was, i quickly said to him “holy shit dude, you just scared the crap out of me”. he didn’t bend down to my window he just stood there, then he asked in a very casual manor if i needed directions, i told him that i was good and that i was just watching the lights. he didn’t say anything else he just turned around and walked away as if he was returning his car. i tried to watch in my mirror to see where he had pulled off the road but there wasn’t anything like a vehicle that i could see, and he was no longer in sight. i started my car and drove off very confused about what had just happened.

i have purposely omitted some details that i feel may seem like the ramblings of a crazy u.F.O. nut or may put me in peril.

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