UFO Sighting in Chetek, Wisconsin on 2015-04-10 00:00:00 – Contrail suddenly appearing in sky, corkscrewing, bullet shaped object.

Driving north from eau claire to chetek i was amazed to see the sky filled with contrails, no visible planes or objects having made them. a few clouds around and all the contrails going east and west, normal for plane paths.

ever since cern, my retirement, and past experiences, i probably spend more time than the average person looking into the sky.

coming back from chetek towards eau clair the contrails were just as numerous, and they did not seem to dissipate. as i’m looking out my front windshield into the sky a contrail “suddenly” appears out of nowhere.

it is corkscrewing and i can see there is something causing it as the contrail is making a path. then i can see the bullet shaped object that is making it. it goes out of sight over the roof of my car.

since then i am always watching the skies, and have seen anomalies looking like clouds, lights that go out and back on, etc.

most importantly, i believe i can verify at least 2 accounts of being alien abducted, maybe 3 as i have put forth in my case report #82825. i have a lot of blocked memory that gives me the feeling there is more.

these instances cannot be adequately explained through this type of reporting. i look forward to talking with a trained interviewer. but most importantly i would like to have contact with individuals who share the same anomalies,……Like the woman who describe “grey wolves on the roof.”

i thought the greys would be done with me, but they aren’t. why they would still be around with a 72 y/o man baffles me. and btw, they are demonic! in there anger their facial features change, very much like the preying mantis descriptions. when they move to attack, they give the appearance of moving/running on all fours,……Looking like grey wolves to a mind that is/has been affected.

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