UFO Sighting in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin on 2005-07-10 00:00:00 – I call it the barrel in the sky.

It was during the summer months, again the sky was cloudless, a perfectly clear morning.

a friend and fellow employee was driving me over to pick up my truck being worked on at penske shop in our area. we turned off the main road (melby st.) to a side road. almost immediately i could see out our front windshield, straight ahead, something very odd in the sky. as we got closer i knew we/i was seeing a paranormal anomaly.

as we turned the corner to go towards penske, my driver had noticed it also and i told him to pull over. he did and we sat there observing it.

i could tell that he was speechless. the object hovered over a scrub-brush area, with no dwellings in that area. i thought to myself that finally i have another reliable witness to verify what we are seeing.

i asked him, “do you see any tethers fastening it to the ground? do you see any movement?” he answered “no” to both. after watching it for a few minutes and nothing changed, i wanted to pick up my own truck so i could come back and hopefully get a better/closer look at it. however, in only the 2-3 minutes it took me to get back it was gone.

i was still elated that someone else had seen it with me and was anxious to discuss it with him once i got back to the shop. that ended up being a terrible disappointment. being a deeply religious person, he went into total denial, claiming that he had seen a tether connecting it to the ground.

my description of the object is rectangular, barrel shaped, very dark brown in color, and most amazingly, it was one dimensional. we had viewed it from a different angle, and the only way i can best describe it is that it was as if it had been “painted” into the sky, against the sky-blue background.

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