UFO Sighting in Martinez, California on 2004-04-24 01:30:00 – Ship flew over my vehicle on a desolate highway.

I was traveling in a gasoline truck on rt 4 just west of martinez and i saw a very strange puffy cloud hovering at the southern edge of the city 1 mile east of alhambra ave. this was my third time through the area and the cloud was by itself in the night sky. as i was cresting the hill west of martinez, what appeared to be a gondola flew slowly over me, the bottom of the ship looked si ilar to the buck rodgers ship in the way that it was blowing bright green sparkly flames from under it. as it passed by i saw that it had huge thrusters on top in the rear. it kind of resembled a stealth aircraft, but it was only going about 50 mph. it passed me and within 15 seconds it swooped upward and dissapeared. the whole time i heard a very high pitched whistling.

within 3 days i started having very interesting dreams.

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