UFO Sighting in Osseo, Wisconsin on 2004-11-23 15:00:00 – As reported in my previous case report #82826.

Repeat of my case #82826 report, the day before thanksgiving as i was running my regular route delivery a day early, due to the holiday.

north on i94, near osseo, wi, another perfectly clear, cloudless sky. from what i had seen in the previous week i was hoping to see the object again and try to get a better view, although i knew the chances were slim.

i did see the object again, in what seemed to be roughly the same location. again metallic, disc or saucer shaped, hovering motionless.

this time i was on a long stretch of straight road with no obstructions to worry about. the object could be seen out of my upper right side windshield. i was able to keep the road and object in view simultaneously.

i focused intently on the object as it slowly morphed into a tiny white cloud, being the only cloud in the sky. then the cloud slowly began to disappear so the object was invisible, but looking intently i could discern an “air disturbance” where the object was/had been.

by that time i was again going into a hilly area where i lost sight and was unable to pick it up again.

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