UFO Sighting in Turangi, Waikato on 2016-04-16 21:30:00 – I saw a ufo approach a small cluster of several stars. one of the ‘stars’ shot out a brilliant white light at the ufo.

My husband and i were in our backyard around 9 pm. we often watch the skies both during daylight and nighttime. we have seen some amazing things! i first noticed a rapidly moving light which i took to be another ufo. it was headed towards a group of several stars. it was flying in a straight line. to my surprise, the apparent star shot out a brilliant white light at the ufo. it was not a laser beam straight-edged type light. the ufo took off in the opposite direction.
i was so excited! after a lifetime of sky-watching i had never seen anything like this before.
i regret that i have no photo or video of the very brief event. but it is something i will never forget.

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