UFO Sighting in Largo, Florida on 2017-03-25 01:26:00 – One ufo towing another until i saw it then stopped disconnected from other.Played back and forth with me

Ohhk i was watching two stars move so i thought after a few min. they started moving for cloud cover.I thought it was odd and i aligned a branch with it like you would aim a rifle and with a steady hand i would see this object move after it seemingly disconnected from another object it was towing about 50 ft.Behind it.It would glow bright when trying to move foward with an electrical sounding humm and would dull by 50 percent when i would stare at it this happened for an hour and i was playing with it in this respect also.Id look down or away it would try to tow its partner while btightly illuminated then id look up quickly catch it it would dull down then sit idle until i would look away breifly this happened for an hour anyway then my roomate came out and not wanting to tell him i said i was listening to the cars race at the local track not far away,so i go to bed @2am exactly and hear that humm slowly go over my house and on its way from s.W. to n.E. on the gulf coast of central fl. i dont know if i could have kept it from going were it needed to for the entire night anyway but who knows.

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