UFO Sighting in Middletown, New York on 2017-03-25 21:30:00 – One or maybe two flying objects during ifr day not talking to atc erratic maneuvers

At approximately 930pm on march 25th 2017 a piper navajo n333hf described an encounter with a flying object with flashing green and white lights maneuvering very erratically and changing directions quickly. this is heard on around 26 minutes 30 seconds into the first attached audio recording of the atc archive provided by liveatc dot net. i was advised of this by atc since i, flying n224tw (goodspeed 224 on the attached audio recordings), was going to cross the huo (huguenot) vor (a ground-based radio navigation source) soon there after. atc then advises they saw a primary target (just a return no transponder or altitude information) just east of the vor. this is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the second attached atc audio file. then about a minute later i report a flying object with flashing red and white lights that was paralleling us perfectly. this one was not observed by atc on radar at all. the air traffic i saw appeared to move in, follow us for several minutes from about a mile (approximate guess) off my right wing, and pull away. it was similar to the way a military aircraft would move in to identify an aircraft (maybe looking for the ufo harassing n333hf but i’m speculating there). the green light object continues to follow the navajo into northern nj (starts at about 7 minutes 50 seconds into the 3rd attached audio recording). to summarize there was at least 1 possibly up to 3 (the green lighted one reported by n333hf, the primary target reported by atc, and the red and white lighted one reported by me) flying object(s) that were flying in close proximity to civilian aircraft and following them for miles. typically military aircraft would be talking to atc on a separate frequency but according to atc nobody else was talking to them. the conditions were ifr so any aircraft flying should have been talking to atc and squawking a discrete code on their transponders but this (or these) unidentified flying object(s) while having lighting similar to aircraft were not talking or squawking to anybody. this means they were flying illegally and had no or a very low radar profile. i estimate the altitudes of the object(s) to have been between 4000 and 12000ft based on my own account and that of n333hf. the four (at least) witnesses are myself, my first officer, the pilot(s) of n333hf, and the air traffic controller. it is possible n333hf and/or their or my passengers may have witnessed things as well as other aircraft in the area and/or people on the ground i’m not sure. the audio recordings were provided by liveatc, a third party of hobbyist radio operators that record live air traffic control and archive the files as well. our flight paths can be viewed here: flightaware dot com/live/flight/n333hf/history/20170326/0045z/kalb/kteb and here: flightaware dot com/live/flight/gpd224/history/20170325/2300z/kith/kmmu

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