UFO Sighting in Sedona, Arizona on 2017-03-23 00:00:00 – Over the course of three days i saw and photographed three different objects in the sky in sedona,

Over the course of three days from 3/21/17, 3/23/17 and 3/24/17 i saw several objects in the sky in sedona, az. i was on my phone looking at the live sedona webcam. i live in connecticut and i’ve vacationed in sedona in the past, if i have a free moment in my day i’ll look at the live webcam. i’ve been looking at the webcam for over a year now at different times throughout the day and never saw anything out of the ordinary except for when objects started to appear in the sky on 3/21/17.

on 3/21/17 at 9:43am edt (6:43am mst) the first object appeared. i noticed the object was out of place for the morning sunrise and at first glance i thought it was a passing satelitte or a drone, however; the object didn’t move it was stationary. i took a screenshot and after a few seconds the webcam moved direction. once enlarging the object on my phone the shape and the light emanating from the object was unusual. after 5 minutes the webcam went back to the location where i saw the object and the object wasn’t in the sky anymore.

due to this peculiarity i kept looking at the webcam throughout the day and saw a second object in the sky that differed from the first one i had witnessed.

later that afternoon, at 3:10pm est (12:10pm mst) i saw the second object in the sky at a different location. this object differed to the first object, this one was dark in color, circular and didn’t have a glow or light emanating from it like the first object. i took a screenshot of this object and it stayed in the sky at the same location for several hours without moving. at first glance i thought it was a weird cloud but as the webcam stayed fixed at the location for several minutes the object didn’t move. i also thought there might be a smudge on the lens of the webcam, this wasn’t the case because whenever the webcam moved to a different location there wasn’t any circular dark spot visible at other locales. this second object appeared over the course of 3 days and always in the same location. interestingly, each when i looked at the webcam the object slightly changed it’s shape, as if it was fluid in nature. i have several photos of this object over the 3 day period it was visible.

on 3/23/17 at 8:16pm edt (5:16pm mst) the second object was visible again albeit it was a cloudy day. i have several screenshots over the course of thirteen minutes of the object. because it was cloudy one can see the cloud movements from one photo to the next, but the dark circular object remained stationary.

on 3/23/17 in the evening at 10:01pm edt (7:01pm mst) over the course of 3 minutes i saw a third object. this object was a large light orb up against the mountainside that’s within a valley area. the light orb went dim and then went to a full brightness. upon seeing this my reaction was disbelief because this valley/mountain area doesn’t have any residential homes, roads, nor are there any aircraft warning lights for pilots to look out for. the light orb was too big to be a hiker’s flashlight and the light certainly wasn’t from a camper’s fire.

on 3/24/17 at 5:10pm edt (3:10pm mst) the second object was in the sky again for a third day, this time the dark circular object really changed it’s shape and appeared to be slightly triangular. i have several photos over the course of an hour on 3/24/17 showing this object. in addition, i have a photo after the object left, to show that its not something fixed in the sky.

the photos attached are a few of what i took, i also have screenshot photos showing the day/time for each photo when it was taken, should you require this.

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