Alien Encounter in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on 2017-01-20 22:07:00 – Got chase by green glowing object on a cloudy night and then object flew infront of car n beam light of car n from there no memory of event but all people in the car saw different number of lights when it beamed a light on the car9

Me n my family were coming home after a night of playing pool at a smalltown bar there were two groups of people jn seperate cars the first load people 15 minutes early the second followed so the second load of people were driving back home n then realized there was a bright gree light in the clouds beside them following so they speeded up,note the clouds were low that night and as theh speeded up the object kept right beside them n a weird change of event happened the object flew directly in front of the car n beamed a light on the car,there were five people in the car n when the object beamed a light on them they all saw a different number of light from 1 to 5 each persk saw a different number n from there thats the last thing they could remember n all seem normal they had no memory of what happened until atleast a half hour later they all all tried to remember were tne light went afterwords n couldnt remember

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