UFO Sighting in Grafton, Massachusetts on 2017-01-14 17:00:00 – I was looking in the night sky with my telescope and then i looked up at the sky with my own eye and saw a bright green light pop out of nowhere and start moving.

I was looking at the planets and stars with my telescope and had a look away from my telescope to aim my laser pointer. the thing that made me first notice it was a bright green light popping up out of nowhere. at first i just thought it was a plane but then realized that it was going to fast to be a plane and knew that they dont have green lights on them. the object was a bright green color that looked to be in a spherical shape, the object was moving semi-fast through the sky and turning off at times then back on. the feelings i thought were shocked, amazed, and found it very interesting. i lost sight of the object because it went out of view.

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