UFO Sighting in Port Canaveral, Florida on 1997-10-21 05:30:00 – Driving north to the east seentwo cigar shape hovering what looked like over ksc color fluorescent green with glow

I was driving my children to their grandparents at 5:30 am in the morning down grissom rd in port st. john like every morning as my children went to school from their grandparents. i looked over to the east into the sky for no reason, i seen two cigar shaped objects glowing fluorescent green hovering which appeared to be hovering over the kennedy space center they were very large i slowed down to show my children i was really excited and a little scared thinking these could be ufo’s as i never seen anything like this i don’t know how long they were there as i had to get my children to school soon. my son remembers this day and event my daughter was to young to remember. i kept this to myself for many yrs thinking some would think i was seeing things and laugh and say i was making this up. i remember this as if it were yesterday. i learned about mufon and asked my son if he remembered this event and decided i would tell my story.Thank you, susan olive

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