Black Triangle Sighting in Denton, Texas on 2017-03-27 22:13:00 – I saw a black triangle and now i see it almost every night.

This all started a little over a month ago. it was exactly february 27, 2017 at approx. 0435 when my roommate pointed out the ship to me. it was the only time i’ve been able to see it perfectly. from our stoop i looked above the tree line and hovering south and to the west was anything unlike i had ever seen in my life. it was a perfect equilateral triangle; the base of it was black and at each point of the triangle was a large orb (which appeared pretty bright). i wasnt sure where they were coming from but i also noticed it emitted red/orange and blue lights. it made absolutely no noise and this first encounter lasted maybe 30-45 seconds tops. as i re-positioned myself to keep watching the ship, it had disappeared.

ever since that night i have witnessed the same ship (or maybe there are others) several times.

as of late, every time i notice it it is positioned in the sky overhead to look like a star to the uninformed. at first i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but sure enough this thing comes back every night and hovers very high up in the sky looking like a bright star and just pulsating red and blue lights. i dont know any star that can do that. it will sit up there observing for hours at a time sometimes way shorter than that. i have tried to get a video recording of it just sitting there, but its so far away that on camera it is just a twinkling orb.

most recently i was on my way to the movie theatre it was just around 2100 when i routinely spotted the orb in the night sky as it usually was when i looked up. but this time as i was watching it another orb appeared out of thin air but this one was not as bright. it hovered a few hundred feet away from the other and they sort of revolved together if that makes sense. what i mean is like the orb that appeared was changing direction in a clockwise formation to where it blocked the other orb from view and appeared on the opposite side of it. then the orb appeared to be getting closer and the single orb became the three lights i had known all too well and it flew about 500 feet away from me from over the highway to the south to the east/southeast.

three nights later as i was waiting for an uber it was back again sure enough. 20 minutes later as i was pulling up to my girlfriends apartment i looked out the window and noticed the orb was much closer and much brighter but was not pulsating just a solid white/yellow color and then it reshaped itself somehow into the triangle ship and i was able to get the best footage of it to date.

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