UFO Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 2017-03-21 05:22:00 – Object observed flying west to east over sandia mountains

At approximately 5:22am on the morning of 23, march 2017 while riding my bike to work, i saw a light traveling from the west to east going about 300mph at an altitude of 30,000+ feet and about 15 miles distance and around 5 degrees from the horizon. the light being a little brighter than the background stars, traveled in a straight line making no noise or leaving no contrail, as normally seen when commercial airliners fly over. the object was visible for about 3 minutes before i lost sight of it as it went over the sandia mountains. the object caught my attention as i was looking in that general direction when i noticed it moving against the background stars. i thought to myself this is almost like the other objects i have seen over the last 3 years and wonder if i am the only person seeing these lights or objects. as far as i know i am the only witness at this time and no other people were with me a the time of this sighting and i did not tell anyone about this besides my girlfriend later that night.

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