UFO Sighting in Clearwater, Minnesota on 2017-03-18 21:48:00 – Driving on i-94 south and saw a flash of light

On march 18th i was driving on interstate 94 south headed toward the cities. i entered i-94 from the hwy 23 entrance on the far west side of st. cloud. i passed an accident in the median of the road shortly after entering i-94.
i should add, the purpose of this trip was to attend a sunday event with a friend. i decided to drive down early so as not have to drive so much on sunday. and i needed to return sunday pm so i could fill my volunteer position on monday.
after passing the accident and driving a while i noticed a bright flash of light to the south/south west of i-94. it appeared high up as bright orange/yellow flash, then dropped to tree top level and the light shrunk in size to that of a very bright star. i mentally noted the time on my vehicle as being 9:48pm.
the light seemed to fade out and i figured it was nothing. a few miles later it reappeared at tree top level and continued. it appeared to be several miles away, 10 at least. though i am not good at judging night distance in the sky.
i then noticed that i missed my exit: 139 and kept driving and watching the light. i began to watch for a place to pull off and view the light and finally gave up and called my friend to see if he could use his phone to verify if there as a star or a flight in that direction. he was also driving on i-94 headed north to go home and was unable to check for me at the time.
i described to him what i saw and he dismissed it as a plane.
i told him what time i saw the bright light and he commented to me that it was now 10:45pm. nearly 11:00pm. and that i had been watching the light for over an hour if i saw it at 9:48pm.
i found an exit and pulled off in an office building parking lot and watched the object move from left to right at tree top level.
i quickly tried to relay to my friend where i was at and then hung up and kept driving, trying to keep a visual on the light.
i finally stopped south of ???? and turned around. i pulled in a taco bell parking lot near the freeway and waited for my friend to arrive.
he arrived within minutes of me stopping at the taco bell parking lot and i repeated all the information to him. he didn’t seem to believe me, still calling it a plane. but the time seemed to not add up.
he did check a few star positions out with his phone and i pointed out a star with the same brightness as what i had seen.
later that night my friend asked me to leave in the morning, the relationship was over.
i am still not sure what happened that night as i was driving, but something did. the time still doesn’t add up in my mind. it should have been closer to midnight, or perhaps i was tired and misjudged the time. i don’t have any further memory at this time of the incident.

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