UFO Sighting in Alhambra, California on 2017-03-29 10:09:00 – Saw a dot over mountain, zoomed in, saw inside of a craft, but no outside of craft

I was taking a picture of the mountain not far from my apartment. i saw a dark dot over the mountain and zoomed into the picture. it was something multicolored. i zoomed more and saw what looks like the inside of a craft, with what appeared as a man looking through an instrument, in front of him was a female, and sitting just below her was a gray (maybe 2) that appeared to be sitting at the controls. after careful examination of this enlarged whatever, i went back outside and took more photos of the sky. the object seemed to appear at random places but the bodies inside had changed positions. i have been studying the ufo phenomena for years now, so i was not surprised, just curious as to what this is. i thought may e something may be wrong with the camera, but the object does not appear in all photos of the sky. i am not familiar with the iphone enough to know how to submit the photos here, but will gladly email them if you tell me where to send them.

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