UFO Sighting in Nampa, Idaho on 2017-03-30 00:00:00 – Noticed some strange lights in the night sky

I was having trouble sleeping so i decided to use the rest room while i was awake. when i got back into bed i noticed a bright light in the sky that looked unusual. (we have rectangular window above our headboard)

i watched it for a minute and determined that it was not a plane, helicopter or anything else that i know of. i grabbed my cell phone off my nightstand and started filming. i tried to keep as steady as possible.

there was a small red sphere in the sky. it started out rather low in the sky and then kept moving north west to north and was making erratic directional changes. the sphere continued climbing in the sky and then disappeared.

i kept the camera going and a few seconds later i noticed a second sphere similar to the first and following the same general path and motion.

both spheres seemed to pulsate a red light.

sorry the video sucks. i could see more than the camera shows. there were clouds and i could see the sphere rising above the clouds.

the second sphere vanished more rapidly than the first. when it was gone my wife woke up and asked me what i was doing. i told her i think i just saw two ufo’s and i got them on camera.

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