Alien Encounter in GB on 2017-03-05 03:10:00 – Did not see a ufo

The first event was about 4-7 weeks ago. it was a figure like our human form. it was in my bedroom approx ten feet away. it was dark and i had gone to the bathroom, on return i saw part of this figure i stopped immediately as i had no clothes on. the figure gave off a feeling of being frightened but i was more worried that he could see my body. he had a head shaped like a large plate with curly wire twisted around the head with a little a piece extended. his colour was a dark bronze colour and made of metal, he had similar features to us. he stood about between five feet and five foot eight.He relaxed then and i got into bed and went to sleep. the seconed event took place about two weeks later. like the the first on the way back from the bathroom i notice our security lights had come on and was shinning on our ramp to our door. i could see this through the window and as i looked a tall figure about eight feet or more was coming up the ramp. he had an egg shaped head. he was slim with longer fingers and arms than normal. he was covered from head to toe in a blueish grey rubber suit he was slim, unable to see any facial features. because i was not covered again i just went to bed. i am not sure if you would be interested in these events.

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