UFO Sighting in Bedford, Texas on 2008-06-28 18:30:00 – Object hovered with silent motions.The accelerated greatly then turned to the left and vanished after i pointed at it

Me and a friend were walking to the store around 630 pm when my buddy said hey look at that.I look up and see an object that appeared to be floating in the sky.It was round like a perfect circle ⚪ and on the bottom it had lights of all different colors.It was dome shaped on top but the bottom spun the opposite of the top.We stood there talking about it and i pointed to it,then at the moment it assended and accelerated so fast i almost couldn’t follow it.Then it made a left turn and just flew off faster than anything we had ever seen.I noticed that opon it accelerating it gave off a warm light.Me and my buddy felt it.

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