UFO Sighting in Canby, Oregon on 2017-03-29 20:30:00 – Bright white light/orb hoovering stationary then moving slowly across clakamas, county, oregon

On the evening of march 29th, 2017 i was walking out to take out the garbage at around 8:30pm. i live in rural clackamas county, oregon. i was admiring the constellation of triangulum when i noticed a giant white ball of light hoovering right above me silently (my zenith). as soon as i noticed the light i pulled out my cell phone and began filming it. it started to move east as soon as i noticed it. i am unable to upload the video as the file size is too large but i did also take one photo before i started filming. at first i thought the photo was just the black night sky but you can see a white object when you zoom in. while observing the silent, large white light proceed across the night sky, a plane starting to approach from the south. the object was as large, if not larger, than the plane. as i was filming you can see the plane is blinking and has red & white lights, the object on the other hand did not have any blinking lights or sound, and was much brighter than the plane. i go from the object, to the plane, and back. finally the plane flew right in front of the object, blocking out it’s light for a second. the object continued it’s path e, ne, until i could no longer see it. it was eerie that the object was directly above me just sitting there until i noticed it. the video is about 2 1/2-3 mins long. this is not my first sighting, but it is the first one that i have ever been able to catch on video. i do have pictures of another craft i photographed in the daytime during 2010. it was two white balls that then turned into 3 balls, 2 white one red, and they appeared to be flipping over one another, in a triangular shape. the reason i photographed this craft was because the 3 yr. old i was watching pointed at the sky saying plane, and i realized very quickly it was not a plane and started photographing the phenomena. i can only call it phenomena as i have never seen something change shape, color & quantity right before my eyes, in real time. i got 4 photos of this sighting.

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