UFO Sighting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on 2017-03-30 20:16:00 – Glowing light, occasionally dimming or getting brighter, changing directions, possible dark appendage.

Pulled up in front of my house at 8:16pm on the east end of lancaster city. right by st. anthony’s church. cloudy conditions and light pollution made it lighter out than normal. very light rain/drizzle. i did not feel any wind, or see tree branches moving, but weather history indicates a south / south east breeze at 8mph.

looked above my house, facing north, saw an orange light “dancing” over the tops of the houses in my neighborhood. it appeared to be 100 feet or so above the ground, moving in a lazy, wavering pattern headed west. not moving faster than 20 mph. my first thought was that it was a drone, but i didn’t see any blinking or air traffic lights in red/green/blue. only a single, flickering, orange light. no whirring of copter blades (i have several friends that have drones, i know what they sound like). then i thought it might be a lantern, but it would have been moving too fast and the wind record shows it going in the opposite direction.

i ran inside and told my wife to grab some shoes and run to the back yard. she bolted outside with me and we both saw the light headed northwest. it was clearly a single, orange light that seemed to increase and decrease in intensity. there was also no illumination of a balloon or lantern shape. as it flickered, i may have been able to see a dark blob attached to the object, though that could have been a trick of the light on my eyes. as it was 2 or 3 blocks away, it faded to a low glow, then brightened again, and then quickly faded to nothing and disappeared without changing altitude or speed.

we both stood there for a minute, looking to see if it came back. the entire encounter lasted for less than a minute. we were both stunned and did everything we could to try to rationally explain the sighting. we were both left with no conclusion.

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