The Truth About Admiral Byrd’s “Bitter Reality” At Earth’s End

Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, historic American icon famous for his explorations of the Earth’s polar extremities, was widely regarded during his lifetime as a pioneer and hero. A decorated naval officer, Byrd even received the Medal of Honor in 1926 for his alleged flight to the North Pole (though the legitimacy of this claim […]

UFO Contact in Loco, Texas – April 1, 1967

      Carroll Wayne Watts said he had a close encounter with a UFO the night of March 31, 1967, but it was not reported until the following day, on April 1. Watts lived in the tiny town of Loco, in the Texas Panhandle, just south of Wellington, about 100 miles east of By […]

Over a Dozen UFOs Seen in Mississauga, Brampton (2016)

      Look to the skies in Mississauga and Brampton and who knows what you will see – it might even be a UFO. By Chris ClayMississauga News4-2-17 According to the recently released 2016 Canadian UFO Survey, which is an annual report compiled by the Canadian organization Ufology Research … there was a “v-shaped […]

Congress, UFOs, NICAP and The CIA

     Mr. Wolf: Mr. Speaker, under leave to extend my remarks, I include an urgent warning by Vice Adm. R.H. Hillenkoetter, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA], that certain potential dangers are linked with unidentified flying objects–UFOs. By The Congressional Record8-31-1960 Admiral Hillenkoetter’s request that Congress inform the public as to the […]

Solar Flare exposes invisible ‘Ship/Object’ parked under the Sun

A camera on board NASA’s AIA 304 satellite seems to have captured a new video of an unknown dark object parked right under the Sun. A coronal mass ejection (CME) ejects from the Sun and reaches out to reveal a otherwise not noticed object which was either invisible and reacted to the plasma or it […]

Huge celestial EYE hovering over Chelyabinsk, Russia, spooks residents

A strange glowing light in the skies above Chelyabinsk spooked residents of the city, early Thursday morning on March 30, 2017. In a video captured by an astounded resident, the eerie form of a human eye appears to hang over the city as a bright light pulsates. No doubt there will be an explanation for […]