It sure does look like a flying saucer zinging around Saturn

But in reality, it is a flying saucer moon named Atlas Who knew? I certainly didn’t… Saturn has a moon shaped eerily like a flying saucer. Check it out in the image above, acquired by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft on April 12, 2017 during a flyby that came as close as 7,000 miles from the moon. This […]

UFO Sighting in Three Forks, Montana on 2017-04-04 14:36:00 – I was outside taking photographs of the land and unknowingly caught these objects in the picture. a neighbor of mine did observe it directly.

i was outside taking photographs of the land surrounding my home for my aunt. i did not see the objects until i reviewed the photographs later that evening. i was outside for several hours before,during and after the photo was taken. several pictures were taken within the same minute and around that time frame, which […]

Eye Movements Betray ‘Eureka!’ Moments

You’ve likely seen some version of this scenario on television or in the halls of a university: A researcher runs out of the lab in a frenzy, electrified after suddenly arriving at the solution to an impossible problem. These “aha!” moments are supremely satisfying, whether you’re a scientist, a hard-bitten detective or an unlucky horror movie actress […]

Aliens and Demons: New 90-Minute Documentary

This has been quite a while in coming, and I had to keep it under wraps. My employer, Faithlife (makers of Logos Bible Software) has a relatively new streaming TV channel called Faithlife TV. They’re about to launch a documentary featuring some of my thoughts on an immensely popular fringe topic of UFOs and alleged […]

What are “Neural Correlates” Correlates Of?

In a thought-provoking new paper called What are neural correlates neural correlates of?, NYU sociologist Gabriel Abend argues that neuroscientists need to pay more attention to philosophy, social science, and the humanities. Abend’s main argument is that if we are to study the neural correlates or neural basis of a certain phenomenon, we must first […]

UFO Sighting in Frederick, Maryland on 2017-04-17 00:00:00 – Dark balloon-like, flashing object flew overhead heading eastward. object gained altitude quickly, maintained position for several minutes, then vanished.

Sitting in my apartment i just happened to look outside to enjoy the day when i noticed a dark, round, object flying overhead. at first it looked like a child’s party balloon – the aluminum foil type – since it seemed to be reflecting the sun’s light. it was that bright reflection that caught my […]

Unknown cylinder object seen among dark clouds over Fowler, CA

A while ago, witness took some photos of very dark clouds over Fowler, CA and only afterwards when looking through the photos he noticed in one of the photos a large transparent cylinder object among the clouds. According to the photographer, on the ends of the object it had some other colors to it like […]

Unknown Entity flies at tremendous speed over the Popocatepetl Volcano

The Popocatepetl live camera captured the moment an unknown flying object comes in front of the camera and flies at tremendous speed over the volcano. While the strange object streaking across the sky it seems like it leaves a trail before it disappears. The next video which was recorded on April 15, 2017 by Marte […]

UFO Hoax Channel Debunked and De-Monetized

Secureteam 10 Debunked and Demonetized      The latest news on Tyler Glockner, producer of the Secureteam 10 UFO hoax channel on YouTube with over 800,000 subscribers, is not good. Glockner was recently shocked to discover that his earnings By ufotheater.com4-10-16 may be cut as a result of YouTube’s new monetization policies. But Tyler will […]