Black Triangle Sighting in Balch Springs, Texas on 1972-06-07 00:00:00 – I was only 7 yrs old. i didn’t know what ufos were. i was playing in my backyard at dusk. i felt something watching me when i looked up it was about 15 feet away. i remember the lights. but i don’t recall being scared like i knew it was natural for me to

It was 1972 i was 7 years old and this was way before i even knew what a ufo was.It was in balch springs tx, and around dusk. i was playing in my backyard alone when everything seemed to feel real still and like i was being watched. i looked up,and there was this little disc craft no more than 15-20feet from me just sitting in my backyard like the craft was watching me. i remember the lights were blue,yellow, red,green, and although i didn’t know what it was ,it didn’t scare me, it was as though somehow i knew it was natural the lights pulsated and glowed, i don’t remember the craft leaving, or what if any interaction i had with it, but it was a very silent incident. i don’t even remember how or when it left, and i didn’t run yelling into the house for my mom to tell her about it. if just seemed normal to me. i’m 51 now, but can remember the incident as though i was 7 again. in 1987,i was about 21, and was at a library and seen a book about ufos. that is when i first learned what they were, and realized what that was all those years ago. the fact that i have no memory of any interaction besides me seeing what it looked like disturbs me a little, but i think its because i wonder why would a ufo be in my backyard sitting there just watching me play? i’m nothing special.
and its also weird that i didn’t run and tell my.Mom about something being in our yard. somehow, although the incident was strange, it also felt very natural to me, like although i didn’t know what it was, instinctively i knew that whatever it was , it was a very natural thing. i also feel that i was communicated with telepathically, and that that is a side effect of this experience since i have very good instincts and empathy. i don’t remember the object leaving, i don’t remember even going into my house that night. all i remember is i was playing, it got very still a d quiet and then seeing the lights a d the object the rest is like a blur.

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