UFO Sighting in Boston, Massachusetts on 2016-10-06 09:29:00 – Saw a large square/rectangular object hovering above rte 93 in boston massachusetts.

While driving north on rte 93 heading towards boston massachusetts,just beyond the lng gas tanks in dorchester, i looked up at one of the skyscrapers
and noticed a large square/rectangular object hovering off to the left of it
over rte 93. it was approximately 9:30am, and traffic was moving slowly.
i had witnessed something similar in 2013, in the same general area, and knew
i had to try to get a picture of it this time.
it appeared to be pewter colored and dull. it seemed to hover for a bit then slowly start to move towards the east.
i eventually lost sight of it when i entered the tip o’neal tunnel.

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