Black Triangle Sighting in Ashmont, Alberta on 1980-08-30 14:12:00 – While driving, i noticed black triangular object over lake edge. upon arriving home, craft was directly above treetops. i got out of car to look.

I was 14 years old and driving home from the small town near our acreage home one afternoon. i had my learner’s licence and my mom was sitting in the front seat with me. my grandmother and younger brother were in the back. i had to slow down coming into our subdivision as the road has a sharp bend close to the lake edge. here is where i noticed a black triangular object some distance away over the edge of the lake. i stopped and rolled down the window to hear if it made a sound…. i thought maybe it could be a helicopter with something hanging under it (the black triangle) but i could not hear anything and it continued to sit perfectly still in the sky. i remember blurting out something like “what the heck it that… a ufo?” i looked at it for a short time and decided to continue driving. i wanted to look more but i was worried about cars coming up behind me ( i was a new driver). i was also worried about frightening my mom and grandmother. i knew they would not be open to such ideas as ufos. however, i could not stop thinking about the strange object.

i continued to drive (approximately 1/4 mile) until i reached the approach to our acreage home. i don’t know why i stopped and looked over my left shoulder and up into the sky, but i did, and there it was!! it was directly over the road and was just over the tree tops. i put the car in park and shut off the engine ( i wanted to hear if it made any noise) and i felt a sense of excitement to get another chance to have a look at this strange object. i got out of the car, leaving the door open, and gazed up at the craft hovering above the road, almost directly above. no one else got out of the car and no one said a word while i was looking at it. the object was not black, it was a dull charcoal grey colour. it made no sound and had no visible lights. the bottom of the craft had sections with some type of pattern, maybe symbols; however, i cannot remember the details very well. i wish i had drawn a diagram but unfortunately i didn’t. i wanted to see if it had any windows or identifiable markers, so i walked around the front of the car to the other side to get a better look. the sides/front/top all seemed to be solid with no windows, markers, or seams of any kind.

as i was standing and gazing up at the craft, i felt a sense of awe and wonder and i became aware of my thoughts being read. this may sound really weird, and i would probably leave this part out if it were not for the fact that i have come across other people’s accounts of having similar experiences. i had a real feeling that this was an amazing event and that this craft was not of our world. i wanted them (whoever they were) to know that i was greatly honoured to have had the chance of a lifetime to experience something so amazing. i started to think about what the occupants may look like and for the first time i felt a sense of fear creeping in. i don’t know if that was the reason; but the craft started to move, gracefully gliding like it was on ice. it moved a little forward ( following the road) then made a 90 degree turn facing east (towards the lake) and took off in a fraction of a second over our house. there was no sound, no smoke, no lights…. it was just gone! there was not even any movement in the leaves of the tall poplar trees that surrounded the area.

i never spoke of the event with anyone, not even my family, for fear of ridicule. i had just started a new school and i pretty much blocked the event out of my thoughts until later in my life. i began doing research on the ufo topic as an adult in 2009, while recovering from surgery.

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