UFO Sighting in Huntington, West Virginia on 2012-07-01 00:00:00 – Object came floating down like a leaf and stood about 2 feet in front of me and daughter.

my daughter and i was coming out of my apt around 11 pm at night. we were getting the children into the car. after fastening the first child into his seatbelt i went around to the back of the car to approach the other side to help her get the other child buckled in. this was when i first noticed the object in the sky. i noticed what i thought was a bag descending out of the east and it was floating like a leaf. it was a hot summer night and a little breeze was blowing and it was possible that the wind could have been carrying an empty paper bag. it was hard to see at first of the color and shape until it got closer. but once it got closer the appearance was totally different then what we observed when it was in midair. my daughter and i stood and watched it after getting the children fastened into the car seats. when this thing got within two feet of both of us i was amazed and dumbfounded to what i was looking at as i never ever seen anything like it and nor has my daughter. i really believe it had intelligent life and i will explain why. this objects shape was a long oval like but bigger, wider. the body was like that of a jellyfish that you could see through. in the middle of this object which was about 2 to 3 feet long, had a rod in it but not like a regular rod maybe i should say it was shaped like a rod and it was pulsating blue and from this rod like thing it flashed like lightening does. now the reason i believe this had intelligent life is because the moment i said to my daughter “oh my god, what is that”, it stopped right in front of us. i am 5’4″ tall and this thing was at eye level with me. i was not scared but fascinated and curious as i have never seen anything like it. we stood there and observed it for about 2 to 3 mins making small talk about what it could be. my daughter all of a sudden felt afraid and said she was leaving. when i went to close her passenger front door and she got in the car this thing left going to the east and went in between two apt buildings. when my daughter left i went to see where it may have gone but it was no where to be seen between the two apt buildings where i saw it go. i called the weather station that night and told them what i had seen and the only thing they said was i saw something extraordinary. although this happened about 4 or 5 years ago i still can’t get it out of my head. i have thought about being put under hypnosis and have someone draw what we saw but have never done it. i have searched on the internet to try and find what we saw and still have not found anything remotely close. i really wish i knew what it was, what it was doing and where it came from. i didn’t know about this site before or who to call to report it. i moved out of my apt a few months later not because of what i had seen or anything to do with that. my next door neighbor called me and told me she had seen that thing that my daughter and i had seen. i am 62 years old and i don’t make up things so this is the god’s truth. i hope you or somebody can explain what it was i saw.

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