Alien Encounter in Paignton, England on 2016-08-09 05:09:00 – Oldway mansion entity

I was walking around the grounds of oldway mansion and i had just walked along a path that had trees on both side and had just walked down a small set of steps when i had the feeling of being watched. i turned around and to my amazement there was some type of entity floating slightly off the ground next to a tree. the entity had a sphere that was floating above it’s right shoulder. i was gobsmacked. luckily i had my small fujifilm pocket camera with me. i quickly got the camera out of my pocket and ready to take a photograph. with that the entity started to disappear the legs first followed by the rest of it’s body. the sphere that was above the entity flew up through the trees in to the sky and disappeared out of sight. i run over to the spot were the entity had been and there was no sign of anything. i had managed to take a photograph just as the entity had started to disappear and managed to capture the upper body of the entity along with the sphere that was above it. the strange thing is that i had the same thing happen to me at decoy country park with what appeared to be a pleiadian being. it’s very strange. the photograph was taken on 9 ‎august ‎2016, 5:09 pm at oldway mansion paignton devon england.

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