UFO Sighting in Beaumont, California on 2017-04-19 21:08:00 – Object fades into view, brightens & hovers, moves slowly ne, then fades from view

I regularly film the night sky in my area, using an unattended, tripod mounted full-spectrum ‘ghost-pro’ camera. upon review of the night of 4/19/2017, i found i had captured an object that seems to fade into view, & slowly moves in a northeast direction, moving so slowly i have to call it hovering. it brightened, then fades away, just as it appeared, it seemed to be under intelligent control, & the incident lasts for a full 5 seconds. the attached video shows a real-time ‘raw’ footage, then highly zoomed, & slowed by 50%, then i applied an ‘edge detection’ & further slowed to 30% of real time. i noticed flashes all around the object become visible when slowed. after the video i provided close-up stills, with both negative photographic value, & ‘green-screen’ for comparison. the stills show the object appearing to ‘morph’, while in movement. the orientation of the camera is; north is ‘down’, east is right-side of picture, filming ursa major area, but full-spectrum photography doesn’t pick-up starlight very well. camera is equipped with a microphone, but the incident is silent.

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