UFO Sighting in Rhyolite, Nevada on 2017-04-13 00:00:00 – Solid white light moved left to right, stopped, changed color to red and disappeared

While photographing long exposures with two friends, myself and one other were looking at the stars. we could clearly distinguish between what was a shooting star, an airplane, and a satellite.

at one point we noticed a bright moving light, which we at first thought was a shooting star, but we determined it was too slow. we determined it was not an airplane either because it did not have a flashing beacon light.

after observing the light for 30-45 seconds, the object abruptly stopped and hovered in place for around 10 seconds, and then changed color from white to red and disappeared.

we discussed the object for quite some time, not jumping to conclusion it was something extraterrestrial, but maybe some kind of military craft because of our proximity to area 51 (around 150-200 miles) but even that conclusion doesn’t feel entirely satisfying.

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