UFO Sighting in Newton Abbot, England on 2016-12-13 11:18:00 – Incredible hanging orb

I was sky watching when i spotted something out of the corner of my eye. i turned to see what it was and i could see that it was a glowing orb. the orb just seemed to by hanging there above the adjacent house. i took a photograph of the orb and felt that the orb was checking me out. i then decided to wave at the orb to try and get a reaction from it. i waved and to my amazement the orb moved from left to right and back to its original position as if to acknowledge my waving. i was shocked and astonished because this orb was definitely under intelligent control and it made no sound of any kind. the orb continued to just hang in the same position until it began to get dimer and dimer. the orb then broke up into smaller parts that shot off in different directions and disappeared from sight. the photograph was taken on the 13th of december ‎2016 at 11:18 am gmt at newton abbot devon england.

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