UFO Sighting in Fresno, California on 2017-04-26 00:00:00 – Saw a chevron shaped object with 7 blinking white lights. then, the right side of the craft’s lights stopped shining

I was coming out of a restaurant with a friend at about 9:00 pm on wednesday, april 26, 2017. i looked up in the sky and saw a chevron shaped craft with 7 white lights blinking all at the same time heading west. it was very clear and seemed too large to be an aircraft. i pointed it out to my friend. she thought it might be an airplane. i thought it might be a drone at first glance. but it was too large and too high in altitude to be a drone, i think. the object made no noise. it seemed to be well above 500 feet at about 80 degrees above the horizon when we first spotted it. the lights were much larger than the usual lights that appear on aircraft, and were brighter than typical aircraft lights. it was moving slowly. then, when the craft was about 50 degrees above the horizon, the right side lights (3 of them) stopped shining, so that the craft appeared to be a straight line of 4 lights blinking all at the same time. i stopped looking at it when it was about 45 degrees above the horizon. i estimate that it took about 2 minutes to move from 80 degrees to 45 degrees. i really don’t know what kind of craft it was, and didn’t consider it to be a “ufo” at first. i was trying to figure it out, and am submitting my report in order to gain information, if possible. i didn’t lose sight of the craft. i just stopped looking at it. after the event, i realized i may have viewed a possible ufo. if i did, it is the first time i have witnessed one.

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