UFO Sighting in Shipman, Virginia on 2017-04-28 22:02:00 – 7 objects, round like planets, not in our atmosphere. very large i.E. bomber size maybe larger. 10 witnesses est. event is still ongoing.

Over nelson co virginia tonight from 22:00 he’s to current time of 23:40.
no offense meant to anyone that reads this. this report is made by initial observer but more importantly a huge skeptic..No offense folks. defiantly the coolest thing we’ve ever seen! 7 clearly light visible large objects in “orbit” with earth. in night sky tonight come off the last star in the handle of the little supper and look left. find orange star like celestial object. 6 more in sky like it. we all witnessed these objects go very bright, to dim to black-out. then repeating. no pattern or algorithm…Varies.
lights stayed on after est. 40 minutes and are on and fixed at this time. my guess…Defense satellites in orbit to cover u.S.A. with n. korea acting up. i honestly can not identify nor can anyone else watching. pretty incredible night in va though!
this is a very credible report. would testify under oath!!!

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