Black Triangle Sighting in Brewster, New York on 2013-12-15 02:30:00 – Surprise ufo takes off

I use to work overnight at a nursing home at the top of mount ebo road off route 22 in brewster. it was sometime between mid december 2013- mid january 2014. i had gone on my break to wendy’s in carmel around 2am. on my way back, i made a left onto route 22 by mcdonalds, i had to make a right at the next light, not even a half mile away. there was one other car, like an outback stationwagon type deal, on the road coming in my direction. i had just passed mcdonalds, & the other vehicle was headed in my direction right around the light where i had to turn right. suddenly, directly to my left, a black triangular shape, which i hadn’t previously noticed “charged” in the air. the entire event lasted a split second, but there was an almost inaudible small hum or snap like when you’d take a picture with one of those old school metal cameras with the big flash blubs. each end of the triangle had a small circle on the bottom which charged, & the center was a larger circle which also charged, all of them a really orange color which got brighter until almost white. they began to glow in such a matter that they seemed to merge together, then the craft took off in the direction i was driving down route 22 leaving a light trail behind it only momentarily. the craft felt like it was closer to me than the light at which i had to turn, & the craft was probably around 30-45feet from base/bottom of the triangle to the tip. over the light which it emited, it only seemed to be a dark, flat triangular structure, tho my angle didn’t give me a good view of the top of the craft, & the event was so short i likely would not have been able to obtain much information anyway. i initially thought i was just imagining things, but when i returned my attention to the road, i noticed the car which had been approaching me had also slammed on the brakes/stopped in response to the random speciticle we both, apparently, observed.

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