UFO Sighting in Albano Laziale, Lazio on 2017-04-29 23:10:00 – Storm of lights moving from ne to sw, making circle with no noise and getting altitude. more of 30 lights starlike.

I was having a cigarette on the terrace of my wife’s parents in albano laziale, a little country close to rome (italy) and it was 11:10 pm approximately. i looked up the sky and i saw a a big storm of lights, more the 30/35, moving in the sky from ne to sw. no noise, moving in circle and going up. the lights were white with a little reflex of blue. i had the clear sensation they were controlled by some entity because of the movements they made, like they had a plain or something. i was surprised and scared at the same time: i get my iphone and took a picture and a little video (but the video is not good and it’s very difficult to watch something…The pic is ok) then i called my wife’s father and a friend of him who was at home with us for dinner…And they were surprised as i was. i stayed there looking up at the sky till they disappeared.

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