UFO Sighting in Anderson, California on 2017-04-29 09:45:00 – Three orbs, one bright, two white, moved from west to east, then went south.

At about 9:45 am i went to get some coffee at the gas station. as i walked, i ran into my neighbor, and we were talking about how beautiful the day was. the sky was blue, and there was not a cloud in sight. and then i saw a white orb high in the sky. we both observed it, and it was moving from west to east. we realized there were about three orbs. one was brighter than the others, and it appeared to be lit up. the objections stopped in the sky, changed directions, and then changed directions again, and started heading south. we observed them for several minutes. as i proceeded to walk to the gas station, i ran into another neighbor and told him about what me and the other neighbor had just seen, and he said he and another neighbor saw a fluttering objection in the sky earlier that morning.

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