UFO Sighting in Huntsville, Alabama on 2010-07-20 23:00:00 – Was stargazing when a star i had been watching suddenly flew away

This took place during the summer, about seven years ago.
myself, my godmother, and my mom had decided to spend the evening stargazing from our lawn chairs in the driveway.

the night had passed fairly uneventfully; for a few hours we used a small telescope but, towards the end of the night, we decided to just sit in lawn chairs, look up, and enjoy the warm evening. at about eleven in the evening, my godmother and mom decided to go inside and get ready for bed; i, having nothing to do the following day, decided i would stay outside for a bit longer.

after something like ten minutes had passed, i leaned back in my chair and focused on this group of stars that were not directly overhead, but close to it. one star in particular stood out to me, but it did so for no particular reason (i can’t tell you exactly why i chose to look at this star; it was no different from any other star, it was simply white, didn’t seem to change in color, and wasn’t particularly big).

after maybe a minute or two of watching this star, it suddenly moved, faster than anything i’ve ever seen, all the way down to the horizon. it didn’t streak, it didn’t glow more than any other star, there was no noise, it didn’t light up the sky, and it didn’t change colors.

it was, one moment, just sitting there like all stars do in the sky, and then it shot away.

literally seconds after it disappeared behind the horizon, i heard a very loud metallic noise behind me; when i turned around i saw that the antenna on my mom’s car was swaying violently back and forth, as if someone had pulled it back as far as possible and let go.

i, as one would be in situations like this, ran inside, fairly shaken up and immediately told my mom and godmother what had just happened. they came back outside with me, but nothing similar was seen or heard for the rest of the night.

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