UFO Sighting in Sagamore hills, Ohio on 2017-04-30 21:30:00 – Hovered above trees for a few minuted, darted on direction, darted back to orginal position, took off

Driving home from my gym around 9:30 at night, for some reason i passed up my street, continued down a main road looking for somewere to turn around when a light caught my eye. i assumed it was a plane, but upon further inspection i realized it wasnt. i continued to drive towards it, i parked my car in the middle of a side road were either a saucer or possibly a sphere was hovering above the tree line. it stood hovering for a few minutes, silently may i add, then darted incredibly quickly(as in hundereds of miles per hour) down the tree line, instintainiously changed direction back to its original location and then shot up into the sky and out of site. i have tried incredibly hard to think of what else it could have been but i just cant disprove what i saw. i then sat in my car, dumbstruck, for minutes until returning home. for those who want to look up a map, the road is called chaffee rd. in safamore hills ohio 44067.

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