UFO Sighting in Atlantic Beach, Florida on 2013-07-17 14:00:00 – Large sail shaped object

I just remembered this sighting. the date is approximate. it was in the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. i was driving south on mayport road. i looked to the left (east) just before choi’s chinese food, down cornell lane, and saw a giant sail shaped object in the sky. it was silver, like aluminum foil and reflecting the sun light. it was slowly rotating. that’s when i saw the sun reflect off of the object. as i was looking at it, the top was rotating away from me. i had my eyes on it for at least 5 seconds. it’s hard to tell how far away it was. it could have been over the ocean. i lost it behind the building. i turned left on atlantic blvd and headed east, but i did not see it after that. see this thing really got my adrenalin flowing. i called the local news station (first coast news) to see if anyone had reported anything. they told me no one had reported anything.

this is where i saw the object.


please email me if anyone saw a similar object

[email protected]

i have another sighting listed with orange orbs. there seem to be a lot of orange orb sighting in florida.

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