UFO Sighting in Richland, Washington on 2017-04-28 19:45:00 – Round object hovered top of little badger mtn for several minutes then slowly descended

On april 28 at dusk we were at a home nestled at the base of little badger mtn. we heard a coyote howling at the upper part of the mountain so we started looking up the slope for it. (facing south) after spotting it and watching it travel for a few minutes, my daughter pointed out an object hovering above the mountain and asked what it was. (mountain elevation is 1208′) me and another adult watched this object and wondered what it could be. we both agreed it could not be a bird-it wasn’t moving at all- and we speculated that it could be a drone, but there are no roads or easy paths to the top of the mountain, and we rationalized that a coyote would not be howling near a person with a drone anyway. (and i have never seen a drone stay perfectly still as this object was)
the object was round in shape and dark with what appeared to be a lighter grayish ring inside. (or at least 2-tone in color) the size was impossible to determine because it was so far up, but after watching it stationary for a few minutes, it slowly descended below view level. i considered trying to go up there but it was too dark already and it usually takes 45 minutes to hike to the top. sadly, we had recorded the coyote but didn’t think to record the object until it started moving. we watched for a while but it did not reappear.

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