UFO Sighting in Ahwahnee, California on 2013-05-03 00:00:00 – Star or satilite-like ufo going at an amazing speed and making a 90 degree turn without slowing or banking

I was gazing up at the stars above me in ahwahnee, california, while on an anniversary trip to the yosemite area. i could also see a lightning storm that was over the bass lake area. a large part of the sky above me was clear at the time. all of a sudden, i had a feeling i needed to look to the west and knew what i would see ahead of time. when i looked, i saw what appeared to be a satellite-like object that was very high up in the sky, but it was flying much too fast to be a satellite, airplane, helicopter, or drone. this thing had to be going thousands of miles an hour at least. also, it didn’t have the red or orange tinge like a satellite. it was bright white like a very bright planet. i watched this thing come from the west and then make an abrupt 90 degree turn as it just passed me toward southbound without slowing down or banking. at the speed it was going when it made the sharp turn, i thought it would be impossible for a pilot to do such a maneuver while encountering the g-force of it. the hole event happened within maybe five seconds at most due to the speed it was going and it quickly went out of my frame of view. i thought it was interesting to see this, but it made me want answers to so many questions. it also concerned me that i had some connection to the pilot inside of it and i’m not sure why that was.

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