UFO Sighting in Nashville, Tennessee on 2017-05-03 21:37:00 – Loud unusual noise, then about 5 flashing bright lights above back yard in a straight line then above and below the straight line

Around 9:36 my husband and i muted the tv as we heard what sounded like a very loud helicopter right above our house, but it sounded off like a propeller was missing. i grabbed my phone and we ran out back and looked around as the noise was fading like it was powering down, as i got to the opening of the trees there were 3 lights blinking on and off in a straight line then other lights would blink the same way above and below and each side of the first set of 3 lights. this lasted for about 20 seconds, then they stopped. they were right above the power line tower in our back yard, so close to the tree top and in a very large area, i’d say about the size of a house about 500 ft above us. we then felt like we should get inside, this was a frightening situation as it was real and so close to us. i did record it but being night time, i only got a quick shot of the lights. also on a quick note, the day before today, i saw a large thick white object hovering higher up towards the north moving slowly east,it was pure white and i wouldn’t have noticed it if i wasn’t showing my grandson an airplane that flew past it and my 2 year old grandson thought it was a star, but this was at 3pm and a clear sky.

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