UFO Sighting in Oak Harbor, Washington on 2017-05-04 03:20:00 – 3 bright lights decending from the east then moving off in 3 different directions quickly

As i was taking a trip to the bathroom at 0320 in the morning. i stopped to look out my picture window just to catch some fresh air. i noticed 3 bright lights in the sky in a triangle formation, two below,one above. as i live very close to whidbey naval air station and i see different aircraft come and go all the time. i was thinking it was a p3 orion coming in for a landing. i watched it for about 5 minutes and began to think it should start turning toward airbase about now. as it was over smith island about 7 miles from me all 3 three light left in different directions. top 2 lights went left and right very quickly, the bottom one took off straight up. in seconds they were gone, no noise at all. i was amazed as i stood there, thinking what did i just see? no navigation lights ever shone nor did i see any strobe lights either.

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