Alien Encounter in Tecumseh, Michigan on 1989-11-23 00:00:00 – Dreams vivid and i believe my son and i are possibly hybrids and or have been genetically modified by them or a unknown thing. normal people don’t have the abilities we do we read each other’s mind as easy as reading a book and can to other people.

Growing up i was always told we were witches and it’d come across jokingly bc of a incident that happened to my grandmother she was actually the nicest person ever but one night she was rly mad at her boyfriend and she sat there popping some bubble wrap saying how she wished it was her bf brains and sure enough she was called into a hospital that night (this was before cell phones) bc her boyfriend truly had a random brain aneurysm so ever since it was always joked about. growing up i caught myself reading people minds here and there bc they’d tell me and i just figured it was bc i read there body language rly well etc. well years go by and i always had these intense dreams again i didn’t think much about them until when i was about 6 months pregnant and i had yet to find out if i was having a boy or girl and i had this dream (at least i think it was) where i was in this really bright lighted room or area and out comes this little boy probably seemed to be about 6 ish yrs old and without hesitation comes right up to me hugs me saying “hi mama” and i kinda laugh nervously and “say who are you?” and he says “silly mom i’m (says his name) and i’m your son” he was so certain and i start to look around and realize i can’t really make out who’s all standing around and that’s all i remember. i awoke from that dream with a certainty that i was having a boy and that this is what his name was i was so confident i wouldn’t even consider a girls name and the dream was right. fast forward years and years the boy i saw in that dream was my son he looks exactly like the dream i had. the older he got though the more often we were reading each other’s mind without realizing it so much so the game i spy became boring to him fast. also the older he got the more his birthmark came in and darkened at first i didn’t think much of it until he saw my birthmark and said out loud what i myself was trying not to really say or acknowledge that our birthmarks are exactly alike only difference is his is on his arm and mine is on my leg other than that they are exact both look like a hand drawn star. for years it’s been this way and probably will always be this way we read each other’s mind daily like most people tell time you have to look at a clock to know and for us we just have to be close or think about it and that’s it. there’s been times where we’ve even mentally helped the other with sharing physical pain one might be having we’ve even had to learn how to not read each other or accidentally take the pain unintentionally. are we hybrids? are we mutants? or are we a lab project? i don’t know but i strongly feel our birthmarks are more like tags for some thing ….. farmers tag thier livestock for a reason and it freaks me out what ours could mean.

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