UFO Sighting in Hutchinson, Kansas on 2017-05-05 21:45:00 – I was at the moon which was allmost directly over head in the southern sky, looking straight up when i observed a dark crescent shaped object zooming across going nnw.

i was setting in my lawn chair by my van, in my front driveway, looking at the very bright moon which was almost straight overhead in the southern sky when suddenly i spotted an object zooming towards the north,northwest straight overhead at somewhere between 1000 and 2000′ and was gliding down word about a 25° angle and then suddenly pulled up and was lclimbabout angle towards nnw in in early evening sky. if i had not been looking straight up at the moment ii would’ not have observed the uav. it was low enough that the city lights of hitchinson illuminated the bottom of the craft enough to see some structured pattern underneath the entire craft which i estimate to have at least 100 ‘ wingspan. when the carafe started climbing north northwest and away from me at left kind of a faint trail of light, yellowish in color, and flew away until it disappppered from site. i would estimate that it was flying silently and gracefully at between 300 & 500 knots across my field of vision in less than 10 seconds . this is the second major siting i have had in just a little over a year. the lfirst one was reported to mufon on jan. 14 2016. this was a much smaller craft than the first one i saw last year. the best description of the this craft is that it was crescent shape with rounded wing tips and a appendage on the rear of the craft, with structure on the underside of it, back lit by the city lights of hutchinson, as it flew overhead. i noticed some complex structure on the underside of the craft. when it started to climb up and to the nnw. it started to emit a yellowish faint glow from unknown parts of the craft until it disappeared from site.

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