UFO Sighting in Maine on 2009-03-31 03:45:00 – Very bright saucer ufo materilizes in front of witness!

At 03:45am i was outside at my mountain top home watching stars. when i rotated 360 degrees to look north,i saw a very bright saucer type ufo that had appeared out of nowhere.It had not been there 2 seconds earlier.The craft was so brightly lighted internally it hurt my eyes and reminded me of a cartoon! i pinched myself to make sure i was not asleep.The craft sat there rocking back and forth in an uncontrolled way for 20 seconds before it finally stabilized and began to move very slowly to the east.I foolishly shined my 15 million watt spotlight on it to make sure it was real when the craft stopped moving forward and began a retrograde motion back towards me.I felt a strange feeling (like i was being scanned) and had the impression that the occupants could see me through the floor of the craft.Then the craft reversed direction back to it’s original heading to the north east and within a micro second accelerated out of sight.

the craft was a triple tiered saucer shape and was 30-40 feet tall and maybe 100 feet across. the center round part was 60 feet wide.The internal bright white glow was so bright it looked unreal at first.There was no noise and no faa strobe lights.I was close enough to see that it was clearly a “built craft” of the saucer type.

for a while i felt elated to have seen a “ufo” so close and clear but then i became very frightened and had a memory block for about a week until i saw another similar but much larger craft days later and much further away. then i decided i would keep a written log every time i saw “one”!Since then each and every time i have seen ufo crafts,i write up the sighting as soon as possible so i have a written record and can recall the facts accurately.Since my latest sighting on december 12 2016 that was witnessed by several other people in maine away from me,i am encouraged to come forward and share the incredible sightings i have seen here in maine.There appears to be an established “route”up here as all the sightings seem to be following the same direction of travel and originate to the north of maine.

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